A high council of sages -- formally called the Council of Mavarin -- spent three generations in search of the ideal king. These men were determined to halt the endless cycle of tyranny and revolution that had reduced men to little more than squabbling tribes, intent on the advancement of Mankind. Even as their hope had begun to fade, came upon a young man named Epheldan. Nothing of his origin is known beyond this; their search was arduous, but in the end successful.

They bestowed upon him the totality of their power: The Diadem Undying, a crown of immortality.

For more than two hundred years, Epheldan has ruled the peoples of Mavarin with a steady hand. His rule has brought about a golden age, where trade has begun to flourish through the muddied veins of a wild land only just beginning to domesticate. The capital city of Throne (formally “Throne of Epheldan”) has been Mavarin’s beating heart since the ascension of the Immortal King, and from it prosperity flows like new wine.